Large Complex Projects

Resolve complex facility projects by combining Spatial Insights and Generative algorythms. Project outcomes are continiously analysed on client specific requirments. Getting to 15% asset optimization, depending on project scale and type this can be higher or lower. Prevent projects going on hold due to unresolved floorplans.


Adjacency Matrix

Ensure optimal spatial relationships between project elements with our automated adjacency matrix Urban or Complex Projects, optimizing area & adjacencies, facilitating efficient workflows, and enhancing project outcomes.

Site Analysis

Leverage AI for comprehensive site analysis and conceptual development-generate insightful reports and concept sections, aiding in the visualization and planning of complex projects

Department & Block Layouts with Adjacencies

Customize departmental spaces to specific requirements for facility projects, promoting collaboration while optimizing client spatial design requirements

Floor Plan and Building Efficiency

Generated floors plans from Excel sheets and arrange them to maximise efficiencies. Gain valuable insights into floor plan for optmized functionality and measurable improvements

Sayjel Patel, CTO and Cofounder of DBF

Develop vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities and double green and leisure areas to provide a healthy environment to residents and visitors.



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Sayjel Vijay Patel

70+ Upgrades Across our Entire Platform

Check out the 70+ latest features we have added to Digital Blue Foam. Urban Insights, Solar Radiation Analysis, and more.
Sustainability First
Rutvik Deshpande

Predicting Energy Efficient Building Façades Using a Render Farm

Machine Learning (ML) can be powerful in energy efficiency and carbon-friendly designs. However, there is a need for better building data sets to accelerate the use of ML.

With Geospatial Data Visualization and Urbanized Future Cities

How does the environmental medium influence our lives? People have more options on choosing where to live, where to work.

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