AI-Powered Planning and Design, for Better Project Delivery and Urban Developments

We build category-leading software that empowers design, construction, and planning leaders to deliver better projects, faster and more intelligently - leveraging the latest in AI generative design and spatial analytics.

The DBF Engine

Our category-leading technology is the DBF Engine - a powerful enterprise platform featuring advanced AI algorithms and data integrations to enable generative design and spatial analytics. 

Spatial Analytics

Validate your project across scales using multi-source data and DBF’s proprietary KPI’s.

AI Generative Design

Generated scenarios by guiding advanced novelty and feasibility algorithms based on your unique requirements. 

AI Optimization

AI-driven optimization for complex calculations to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Trusted by design, construction, and planning leaders

"Our mission is to address the changing landscape of urban development and the need for sustainable building practices. With 75% of the world's population expected to live in cities by 2050 and the imperative to reduce carbon emissions in construction, we focus on providing data-driven insights to empower decision-makers. We advocate for Generative Design and Spatial Analytics to tackle climate challenges in these sectors."

Camiel Weijenberg & Sayjel Vijay Patel

Deliver projects better, faster and more intelligently

| Savings

Reduce project capital and operating cost by 15%.
Boost your top-line revenue and attract a larger client base.

| Efficiency

Accelerate project design cycles time by 50%.
Improve bottom-line, reduce costs by improving efficiency with smart automation. 


Streamline BIM production by 75%. 
Connect directly to minimize errors and improve efficiency.

AI Solutions for the toughest projects — from facilities to complex urban developments

AI Generative Design

Explore novel and feasible designs

Explore scenarios with user-guidance features to meet the most stringent project requirements.
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Spatial Analytics

Evidence-based decision support for complex projects

Powerful analytics and multi-source data to future-proof your projects with design-decision intelligence.
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Sustainability First

Minimize Project Emissions

Real-time AI models to reduce project carbon emissions across project scales and phases.
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Instant BIM

Integrated workflows

Seamlessly connect to your existing tools, workflows, and data via our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and cloud-based integrations.
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Computation Design Awards - 2023
Our team's groundbreaking work in AI 3D Building earned us the coveted Young CAADRIA and NSCIC Awards. These recognitions showcase our dedication to pushing boundaries and pioneering new solutions that revolutionize our field.

asked questions

Common questions from our prospects.

What data sources are used by DBF?

We provide extensive project contextual data, encompassing maps, satellite imagery, 3D terrain models, building information, road networks, land use, social media data, and local weather station-based wind and solar data. Additionally, we offer flexibility to integrate proprietary data into your solution, either on-premises or via a hybrid configuration, seamlessly integrated with our spatial analytics.
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How does DBF use AI to generate viable designs?

We employ a two-step design generation process. Initially, we aid users in efficiently exploring the design space using a novelty search algorithm and our proprietary feasibility indicators. Subsequently, our advanced AI optimization algorithms enhance input designs according to user criteria. Our AI is tailored to different building types based on client specifications, ensuring customized and optimized designs.

Can DBF export data to BIM or IFC file formats through its middleware

DBF integrates seamlessly with BIM software via our proprietary middleware, DBF Hub. This allows you to stream projects directly from the DBF online platform to your desktop BIM software or Enterprise Cloud. DBF Hub supports Revit, Archicad and ESRI connections. 

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Can DBF assist with custom development services?

Absolutely, DBF provides custom development services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require specialized integrations, customized features, or specific solutions, our expert team can work closely with you to develop and implement these services effectively.

How does DBF's usage-based pricing work?

DBF offers flexible usage-based pricing, allowing you to pay for our services based on your actual usage. This means you'll be charged according to the specific features, resources, or services you utilize, ensuring How does DBF's usage-based pricing work?

Learn how DBF can help you deliver projects better, faster and more intelligently