Our Mission

We started Digital Blue Foam as as architects who want to make a sustainable future accessible to everyone. That's why we are creating a platform to unite designers, software, and data in order to accelerate carbon-negative building design, construction, and operation.

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Harness Geospatial Data
& Generative Design

Digital Blue Foam enhances productivity and decision-making by connecting
designer intuition with the brute force of machine intelligence


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Customer Testimonials

Digital Blue Foam is the best feasibility study software.

Shouichi Senda | Senior Manager, Tokyo

Digital Blue Foam is the blue foam cutter of the 21st century. We finally have a tool adapted to our times.

Naomi Hébert | Partner, Netherlands

Students who are familiar with Digital Blue Foam will have a faster learning curve and will be more prepared for future design technologies.

Bálint Kádár | Associate Professor, Budapest

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