Innovating with Spatial Analytics & Generative AI to Design Facilities and Masterplanning

We build category-leading software empowering, consultants, planning leaders and designers to excel in project solutions and strive for better cities, creating the best capabilities for our clients.

The DBF Engine

Our category-leading technology is the DBF Engine - a powerful enterprise platform featuring advanced AI algorithms and data integrations to enable generative design and spatial analytics

Spatial Analytics

Validate your project across scales using multi-source data and DBF’s proprietary KPI’s.

AI Generative Design

Generated scenarios by guiding advanced novelty and feasibility algorithms based on your unique requirements. 

Intelligent Optimization

AI-driven optimization for complex calculations to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Trusted by design, construction, and planning leaders

"Our mission is to create better cities, using insights and evidence based analytics in combination with generative engines for better planning.
While we are currently working on complex facility and masterplanning projects we see this expand to existing building stock and urban spaces."

Camiel Weijenberg & Sayjel Vijay Patel

Deliver projects better, faster and more intelligently

| Savings

Reduce project capital and operating cost by 15%.
Boost your top-line revenue and attract a larger client base.

| Efficiency

Accelerate project design cycles time by 50%.
Improve bottom-line, reduce costs by improving efficiency with smart automation. 


Streamline BIM production by 75%. 
Connect directly to minimize errors and improve efficiency.

AI Solutions for the toughest projects — from facilities to complex urban developments

Spatial Analytics

Evidence-based decision support for complex projects

Validate your project across scales using multi-source data and DBF’s proprietary KPI’s.
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AI Generative Design

Explore novel and feasible designs

Generate scenarios, guided by advanced novelty and feasibility algorithms based on your requirements.
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Sustainability First

Minimize Project Emissions

Real-time AI models to reduce project carbon emissions across project scales and phases.
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Instant BIM

Integrated workflows

Seamlessly connect to your existing tools, workflows, and data via our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and cloud-based integrations.
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Large Complex Projects

Large Complex Projects

Resolve complex facility projects by combining Spatial Insights and Generative algorythms. Project outcomes are continiously analysed on client specific requirments. Getting to 15% asset optimization, depending on project scale and type this can be higher or lower. Prevent projects going on hold due to unresolved floorplans.
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City Development

City Development

DBF Urban Insights is a web-based urban design and planning platform that empowers data-driven decision-making for a more sustainable and livable future. From city level down to neighborhood and plot & massing generation. With the posibility of creating on-prem solutions.
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Computation Design Awards - 2023
Our team's groundbreaking work in AI 3D Building earned us the coveted Young CAADRIA and NSCIC Awards. These recognitions showcase our dedication to pushing boundaries and pioneering new solutions that revolutionize our field.

asked questions

Common questions from our prospects.

Does DBF have enough data to get started?

Yes, DBF has access to extensive data for initiating projects that have been combined as part of our Global Base Engine.

How does DBF work with Enterprise Clients?

DBF knows our clients expect the best and are very busy. DBF has clear processes in place to measure our development and meeting sign off criteria.

What makes DBF special, there are many generative design tools out there?

DBF's mix of AI-driven generative design, spatial analytics, and user-centric, sustainable innovation makes it unique, delivering tailored solutions for project excellence.

How do we make sure DBF doesn’t re-use our data?

DBF does not re-use data and not used for other training models.

How soon can we get access to the product developed by DBF for us?

Access to the product developed by DBF is typically midway of the first phase which can be 6 weeks from starting. If you want to find out more about this please feel free to reach out.

Learn how DBF can help you deliver projects better, faster and more intelligently