Working In Our Global Team

At DBF, trust and flexibility drive global teamwork across 10 countries, 5 continents, and multiple time zones. Explore our collaborative foundation.

The Global Team

We are solving a big problem and for this we need to be radical and hire the best people we can find. To tackle our mission to make a platform to design cities for a better tomorrow, we need to have a global view and a global presence, starting with ourselves.

Reflecting on what our startup has done and our drive towards fulfilling our mission, we push for a hyper creative way of working successfully and developed our plan and came up with 21 rules that have been ingrained in our culture.

5 main values

It's 125 year since Arhenius published his paper on the impact of Carbon Monoxide and global warming, in 1896. We like to push hard on reducing the impact the build environment is making on the globe while designing better cities for a humane and healthier tomorrow.
We love Spock from Startrek, always learning and super pragmatic. Solving real world problems we have to be pragmatic and hyper transparent with each other as a team. Honesty can hurt but we trust each other to wanting to learn to do better and push each other.
As we are running out of time and cities have become unhealthy to live in, yet 2Billion more people are moving to the cities we have to create better ways to develop and design the build environment.
For change to have an impact we embraced simplicity for our users and rescue the threshold to use our platform making it easy to learn and highly accessible.
to solve real problem we have to work with real data and science and so do our users. So we make significant amount of data available and mary our users with science.

This is our 21 rules. You will love to work with us.


Be Optimistic

Optimism helps the team find new opportunities, learn from any situation and share, and keep moving.


Be Flexible

Embrace the fact everyone has a different work style where they most productive


Be Asynchronous

Organize tasks in a way that people can work together without being in constant communication.


Be Family Friendly

No need to ask permission to pick up your kids from school or attend a medical appointment.


Work in Zone

Tasks like coding or writing requires deep concentration. Create an environment that minimizes distractions.


Trust the Team

Enough said.


Show early

If you have a new idea, share with the team early on.


Disagree openly

Feel free to say NO to new ideas. Don’t take it personally if you are on the other end.


Make other successful

Everyone on the team must be both a teacher and a learner.


No Managers

Everyone on the team must be self-initiated and ask for help when needed.


No Set hours

Start work at 4am? Fine! Someone on the team will be awake.


No Meetings

Try to minimize where possible.


No Vacation Tracking

Allow team-members the chance to work remotely in different locations.


No need to work in office

Some people concentrate better in a cafe, or at home.


No skunking

If you are having a bad day (hey, we are all human after all), do not take it out on others.


Encourage Small teams

Create separate chats for small teams. Shuffle teams so everyone gets to work with each other.


Encourage side projects

Fun side-projects feed inspiration and future inventions.


Encourage self-learning

Honing your ability to think makes you a deadly team member


Encourage Networking

Everyone’s personal and professional network is a valuable asset to a startup


Avoid burnout

At all costs.


Push for happiness

Why are we in a startup in the first place?