Our mission

We need to act now
for more sustainable cities

We are team of architects, urban planners, software engineers, data scientists & sustainability enthusiasts who have come together with the mission of making technology accessible for everyone to build more sustainable, equitable, livable and intelligent cities.


The AEC industry requires transformative innovation

We need to act now to transition to net-zero CO2 buildings & districts.
13,000 buildings need to be constructed every day by 2050 to support an expected population of 6.6 billion people living in cities.
39% of global CO2 is from buildings and destroying the planet.

We started Digital Blue Foam as architects who want to make a sustainable future accessible to everyone. That's why we are creating a platform to unite designers, software, and data in order to accelerate carbon-negative building design, construction, and operation.

Our Mission

Accelerate the World’s Transition
to Better Cities
Why we do that ?

We target the initial design stage because early decisions have a huge impact on the cost, sustainability, and livability of a project.

Sayjel Vijay Patel
CTO & Cofounder of Digital Blue Foam

We are creating the world’s most accessible platform

At Digital Blue Foam, we have developed AI-powered solutions to steer a desperately needed revolution in the building industry towards carbon-negative projects. Presently, designers use inefficient tools that do not take full advantage of the troves of data, and limitless computing power available online to drive sustainable output.

For sustainable building design and construction

To address this, we at Digital Blue Foam use augmented  intelligence — the sensitivity of designer intuition, multiplied by the brute force of machine intelligence — to step up the productivity of design workflows. Ultimately, our hope is to redesign the way architects and planners imagine spaces for current and future generations to live, work, and play.