DBF for Enterprise

The most capable and powerful version of DBF tailored to the needs of Enterprise and Government Organisations striving to improve Cities and Complex Facilities.

What We Offer

Discover the benefits of DBF:
Tools to simplify, manage and enhance your projects.


Technology Consultation & Digital Solution Planning

Drive growth & efficiency with Expert Tech Consulting & Digital Solutions for Your Business

Solution that Impact Top and Bottom Line of your Organisation
Cloud & On-prem IT Consulting for integrated solutions
Innovation & Technology Implementation
8+ years of experience in enterprise-tech solutions and consultations
Tech Planning services with detailed reporting
Project Initiation and Capturing Expert Knowledge

Transform Project Delivery for Master Planning and Facilities

Optimize Master Planning and Facilities with AI-Driven Design and Data Analysis

Solve complex Floor Plans & Masterplan Requirements
Solve the most Complex Circulation Challenges
Specific Area Target Goals for Generative Design Engine
Urban & Spatial Indicators Analysis for Evidenced Based Better Project outcomes

Do More

Faster, Better

2x your workflow* or more from SD to DD
Define Project Consistency
Internal Shareable Templates
Project Accessibility Score
Import data from various sources for insights and analysis
*Actual speed varies depending on utilization of our engine
Tailored DBF

Tailor DBF for your projects

Securely manage your data, solve complex problems, and optimize projects with DBF

Full Access and Control over your organisation’s IP & Data
DBF prioritises the security of your Domain Knowledge and Data
Create City Wide Indexes and Dashboards to Monitor your KPI’s
Utilize Precise Generative AI as Measurable Scenarios
Solve Industries most Complex projects

Solution to your Business Challenges

Transforming Organizations Worldwide through Tailored Spatial Solutions and Strategic Decision-Making for Enhanced Efficiency and Impactful Project Delivery

Solve initiation challenges
by aligning project goals and costs early
Attain cost modelling
and benchmarks as per your specific project needs
Meet aggressive schedules
and achieve rapid project completion
Execute significant projects
and stay competitive by winning big projects
Implement efficient data management methods for better data resource utilization
Stay up-to-date
with Technology and Innovations
Diverse Use Cases

Use Cases for every organisation

Navigate project complexities and deliver wins with expert planning & execution

Masterplanning up to 1,000 Hectares with your Unique Requirements

Utilize your data and Knowledge for the Entire Organization

Multi-Use Building Massing with Layout Optimization

Create Financial scenarios for detailed project Optioneering

Create Project Consistency across the Globe

Utilize Super Computing Capabilities for Better Projects

Index Neighbourhoods & Regions on Dashboards with Generative Design

Create Market Leading Solutions for Facility and Masterplanning

asked questions

Common questions from our prospects.

Does DBF have enough data to get started?

Yes, DBF has access to extensive data for initiating projects that have been combined as part of our Global Base Engine.

How does DBF work with Enterprise Clients?

DBF knows our clients expect the best and are very busy. DBF has clear processes in place to measure our development and meeting sign off criteria.

What makes DBF special, there are many generative design tools out there?

DBF's mix of AI-driven generative design, spatial analytics, and user-centric, sustainable innovation makes it unique, delivering tailored solutions for project excellence.

How do we make sure DBF doesn’t re-use our data?

DBF does not re-use data and not used for other training models.

How soon can we get access to the product developed by DBF for us?

Access to the product developed by DBF is typically midway of the first phase which can be 6 weeks from starting. If you want to find out more about this please feel free to reach out.

Learn how DBF can help you deliver projects better, faster and more intelligently