AI Generative Design

Generate scenarios, guided by advanced novelty and feasibility algorithms based on your requirements.


Effortless Integrations

Our platform offers smooth integrations with other essential tools, streamlining your workflow and making your work more efficient.

Seamless User Experience

Get started effortlessly with our self-onboarding product design, ensuring that you can hit the ground running without steep learning curves.

Measure and Visualize Positive Project Impacts

Easily visualize and measure the positive impacts of your projects, providing a compelling narrative for stakeholders and decision-makers.

Flexible Generative Design

Experience adaptability with our generative design capabilities, allowing you to shape and refine your designs to suit your precise needs.

Camiel Weijenberg, CEO and Cofounder of DBF

Ignite team creativity to fast-track sustainable architecture.




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Sustainability First
Camiel Weijenberg

Net zero Doesn’t Mean Anything

Net zero. We hear it everywhere but what does it actually mean? It’s easily described as a mathematical equation for what is probably the world's largest challenge for survival.
Sustainability First
Rutvik Deshpande

Predicting Energy Efficient Building Façades Using a Render Farm

Machine Learning (ML) can be powerful in energy efficiency and carbon-friendly designs. However, there is a need for better building data sets to accelerate the use of ML.

Why Do Building Designers Need AI?

From chat-bots to alpha go, AI is becoming increasingly personalized and accessible in previously unthinkable ways. But why do building designers need artificial intelligence?

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