AI-Powered Planning and Design, for Complex Urban Projects

At DBF, we solve the problem of designing complex buildings and high-volume city development with our AI-powered software, delivering efficiency gains and enabling zero-emission cities.

AI Generative Design

Explore novel and feasible designs

Explore scenarios with user-guidance features to meet the most stringent project requirements.
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Spatial Analytics

Evidence-based decision support for complex projects

Powerful analytics and multi-source data to future-proof your projects with design-decision intelligence.
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Collaborate Online

A collaborative online platform to work instantly with anyone

DBF encourages extensive collaboration in project development, streamlining the need for various software platforms.
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Sustainability First

Minimize Project Emissions

Real-time AI models to reduce project carbon emissions across project scales and phases.
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Instant BIM

Integrated workflows

Seamlessly connect to your existing tools, workflows, and data via our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and cloud-based integrations.
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