15 Minute City

DBF allows users to measure urban KPIs for their projects using the 15 min city framework as a basis which provides information on accessibility to services, diversity of land use, proximity to key services and Co2 emissions. Aditional KPIs can be developed for custom solutions

The DBF Engine - Designed for the world’s leading organizations

We build category-leading software on top of the DBF Engine to help the world’s leading organizations design and plan complex urban projects to the highest standards.

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City Development

DBF Urban Insights is a web-based urban design and planning platform that empowers data-driven decision-making for a more sustainable and livable future. From city level down to neighborhood and plot & massing generation. With the posibility of creating on-prem solutions.
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Evidence-based decision support for complex projects

Validate your project across scales using multi-source data and DBF’s proprietary KPI’s.
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