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Excellent Building Design Software for Beginners

Excellent Building Design Software for Beginners

Discover the Best Building Design Software for Beginners - Unleash your creativity with top tools like AutoCAD, Maya, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, and Virtual Architect.

Are you new to the building and design niche? This can be a highly rewarding career, but it requires precision and total focus on details. At first, it might appear challenging, but things will become a lot easier and every moment will be a thriller. To make your work easier and more effective, one of the must-have tools is the right building design software. But which building design software do you choose in the seemingly flooded industry?

Well, there are many programs for building design, which is actually a good thing, but it also makes the process of selecting the best a challenging task. As a start, it will be a good idea to select a program that will be easy to learn and execute. To help you out, here are some of the best building design software for beginners that you should consider for a good start.

Top Building Design Software for Beginners


AutoCAD software is considered the staple of the construction industry. Today, most architects and engineers prefer it because it is pretty simple to use as a start. For beginners, AutoCAD serves two purposes, helping with sharpening a practitioner’s skills in building design and preparing him to use more advanced programs. For example, the CAD program will prepare you to be able to create mode advanced plans. This attribute makes AutoCAD  software  for building and construction training. 

The program from Autodesk features advanced tools that make developing home designs easy and fast. It comes with pre-built objects, such as walls, doors, and windows. Furthermore, they provide a clear mechanism to create elevations and plans for model geometry. You can also easily create floor plans for your building projects.

Although AutoCAD is somehow aligned to the older working practices, it works very well in helping beginners get into the world of CAD and advanced building design. Once you have gained some skills in using AutoCAD, it will be an excellent idea to consider a more advanced program, such as Revit and Chief Architect. 

However, some experts still prefer to stick with Autodek’s AutoCAD, indicating it is okay for them. So, you will need to do a comprehensive review of other CAD and BIM apps, preferably through trial tests, to determine their best features. For example, you might want to know which one between AutoCAD and Revit or the Chief Architect building design app has better tools to help you create the best products. Also, you need to determine, “are the new apps free?” and “does the developer offer users good customer support?”


One fact about modeling in building design is that most apps out there are pretty limiting because you have to work within clearly defined parameters. One program that defies this trend is Maya. Indeed, the app’s design and features have made some architects suggest that it is too general. However, this is indeed a good thing when looked at from a broader picture!

Maya is excellent building design software for beginners to explore concepts that stretch beyond what standard software does. Therefore, it provides you with more freedom, which helps to foster innovation for users. As a new designer, you can use Maya to develop new ideas and then transfer them to more advanced programs for further designing. Indeed, this freedom has made Maya gain acceptance not just among the beginners but also expert users who want to make their work in architecture stand out. 

You will also love Maya because it has a large developer community around it. So, you can expect to enjoy some of the latest features and support if you are stuck. Again, you might want to consider migrating to a more advanced program for better building designs.


This is one of the top building design software for beginners that you should try, but it also works excellently for top designers. The main selling point for the program is that it offers everything that you would want to see in a building design program. It is very useful in creating both 3D and 2D models. In addition, it easily integrates with other programs, such as V-Ray. This means that you can use it to create unique photorealistic presentations. Even if you do not integrate ArchiCAD with VRay, it still allows you to design photorealistic models.

The primary feature of ArchiCAD is that it comes with a very intuitive interface for users. As a beginner, you can easily learn the basics of the program, including the features, with little effort. This is why starters and students love it. You will also like its design because it provides a time-effective method of developing professional designs. With the latest models, you can create lifelike models. It also works very well for large and complex building design projects.

If you are like most architects today, ArchiCAD might turn out to be so intuitive, making you want to stick with it even after sharpening your skills. ArchiCAD comes with a 30-day free trial that you can download and use to test key features. Once the free trial session is over, you will need to shift to the paid version or migrate to another app such as Revit. 

Digital Blue Foam

DBF is a Singapore-based technology company building revolutionary AI-powered software products for the world’s leading architecture, urban planning, and construction organizations. The DBF Engine solves the biggest challenges facing the building industry using their core technology and it has been created by domain experts having extensive experience in the fields on architecture and computational design. Powered by AI and generative design, it reduces a significant amount of time spent by designers on initial study and form conception. It uses the world's real-time data for analysis and design generation. DBF software has been created by domain experts having extensive experience in the fields on architecture and computational design.

The latest version boasts of the following features:

- Intelligent 3D sketching in the browser

- Urban Insights analysis for 15 minute city design

- Advanced Generative Typologies

- Realtime tenancy automation and metrics

- LIVE Sync to your favourite BIM software with DBF hub.

Create fast, impressive 3D models with the added value of feasibility analysis for your prospective clients.


For a building and design student looking forward to rapidly building his/her skills and starting commercial work, SketchUp can be an excellent point to start. It is a CD program and stands out because it is pretty easy to use and has a lot of real-world applications. Indeed, it is used to design both buildings and other architectural products. In 2006, the program was bought by Google, which implemented a lot of awesome features. Although they later sold the program, it still comes with features from Google, such as the ability to pull satellite and topographical images.

The primary benefit of using SketchUp as a beginner is that it is pretty affordable. All that you need to do is download the program for free and install it on your computer. The free version allows you to develop professional models and select a host of features depending on your project. You can also practice with 3D modeling. However, you will need to upgrade to a paid version to be able to access and use advanced features, such as exporting capabilities.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

When selecting building design software for beginners it is crucial to put a lot of focus on simplicity. Simply put: go for the software that is easy to use. One way of doing this is using advanced programs that come with a wizard for creating the designs you target. One such program is the Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design, which allows you to design almost everything.

The program uses wizard-driven technology that allows you to create models just like a pro. It is like working with a virtual assistant to get the designing job done. To make designing more enjoyable, the app allows you to use photos and the software deck designs to create unique models for your project.

Another awesome thing about the program is that it comes with very effective customer support. You can use the technical support and tutorial videos to learn more about building designs or address an issue with the program.

The only challenge for the program is that it is pricey. This might be challenging for a beginner, but it is no doubt a worthy undertaking.

As a beginner in building design, the program you select is very important in defining how effectively you integrate into the industry. The lovely thing is that you can count on the building design software for beginners we listed in this post. Remember that even with the programs we have listed above, some practice might still be needed to perfect your skills.

Read more about the best 3d building design software and discover Digital Blue Foam.

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