15' City Summit 2022

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Outstanding Global Speakers.

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“The creation of better cities will only be possible if leaders work together. Explore the program and join a discussion.”

Key speaker:

Helene Chartier

Key speaker:


Defining the 15 Minute City

Opportunities and Challenges for Realizing Its Potential
Carlos Moreno
Shweta Gandhi


Enabling the 15 Minute
City Through Technology

Current and Future Opportunities and Challenges
Sayjel Patel
Bige Tunçer
Anna Rose

The 15 Minute City in the Face of a Changing Climate

Adaptation and Resilience in a 15 Minute City
Chris Green
Tiffany Chu
Helene Chartier
Bryan Boyer

Learn about the latest global
trend in urban planning

What you can expect from the 15' City Summit 2022

Popularized by Carlos Moreno’s 2020 TED talk, the “15-minute city” is a recent trend in urban planning towards creating vibrant pedestrian districts and provides an inclusive lens for a wide range of stakeholders to engage with these issues. While progressive cities like Paris, Madrid, Milan, Ottawa, and Seattle adopt the“15-minute city” as a planning policy, many hurdles abound to its adoption.

The inaugural 15’ City Design Summit will bring together global leaders from diverse sectors, disciplines, and geographies in a tri-part event series, podcast, and collaborative publication. Ensuring the creation of better cities will only be possible if leaders work together to share and deploy know-how, innovation, and promising approaches to accelerate the transition back to pedestrian-centric urban development.


Hosted by Craig Applegath

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Hosted and podcasted by Craig Applegath of the Twenty-First Century Imperative podcast, which explores solutions to the global challenges of climate change.

Outstanding Speakers

Researcher of international renown, Carlos Moreno is Associate Professor at the Paris IAE – Panthéon Sorbonne University in France, and also co-founder and scientific director of the ETI Chair « Entrepreneurship – Territory – Innovation ». His works aim at promoting the transformation of our lifestyles and urban spaces, and to offer solutions to the issues faced by the cities, metropolises and territories during the XXIst century. His contributions are internationally valued for their originality and incorporated in multiple projects of local governance and urban transformations in France and worldwide. He is also at the initiative and committed to multiple projects involving experts from all over the world. His activities benefit from the contribution of an extensive national and international ecosystem. Carlos Moreno was awarded Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor in 2010 by the French Republic. In 2019 he received the Foresight Medal from the French Academy of Architecture. He is also a winner of the Obel Award 2021, for his work on urban and territorial proximity and its impact on the world. In November 2021, he won the Leadership Award at the World Smart Cities Awards, organized by the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Carlos Moreno
Scientific Director @PARIS SORBONNE

Shweta has over three years of experience in the UAE, and the UK graduated with an MSc in Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Oxford; Shweta is one among the young Urban Planner & Innovators from 103 cities, contributing towards advancing local dialogue, collaboration and problem-solving around the Sustainable Development Goal 11 through UN SDSN Youth’s Local Pathways Fellowship Program.

Prior to joining AECOM as an Urban Planner, Shweta has had the opportunity to work in both public and private organizations. During her time at the Sharjah Museums Authority, she has contributed towards preparing the Conservation Management Plan for UAE’s oldest airport precinct, currently part of a UNESCO World Heritage Bid. Leveraging from her architectural background, Shweta now aims to continue delivering sustainable, safe, and inclusive urban solutions by introducing digital interfaces in her practice. Her fundamental focus as a young professional is now on delivering sustainable urban development where social sustainability and smart cities are at the forefront to deliver better quality of life through practical and feasible implementation techniques and strategies.

Shweta Gandhi
Urban Planner @AECOM

After studying science and economics (École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, and Master of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston), Philippe Chiambaretta obtained his degree in architecture in 2000, after leading for 10 in Ricardo Bofill's Taller de Arquitectura in Paris. In 2001, he founded the PCA agency, around a multidisciplinary team (architects, urban planners, engineers, designers, artists, researchers, publishers) with the conviction that the traditional field of intervention of the architect must be widened.

Philippe Chiambaretta
Architect Founder @PCA-STREAM

Researcher, teacher, and coder - He was a Founding Professor at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation and a graduate of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

Previously he was a researcher with the SUTD DManD Center, MIT Digital Structures, MIT Senseable City Lab, and RMIT Spatial Information and Architecture Lab. He received his architectural training with COOP Himmelblau (Vienna), KPF (New York), and Gensler.

In 2017, he founded Digital Blue Foam, the world’s friendliest building design software for design-build companies.

Sayjel Patel

Bryan is cofounder of the architecture and strategic design studio Dash Marshall, where he runs the studio’s civic futures practice, and Director of the Urban Technology program at University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. He's also the author of the recently published, Design for Social Innovation: Case Studies from Around the World (2021).

Bryan Boyer
Urban Technologies Program Director @TAUBMAN COLLEGE

Bige Tunçer is an associate professor of design computation and the associate head of pillar at the Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar of Singapore University of Technology and Design. She received her PhD from Delft University of Technology, her MSc from Carnegie Mellon University, and her BArch from Middle East Technical University. She was an assistant professor at TU Delft, a visiting professor at the Chair of Information Architecture at ETH Zurich, and a visiting scholar at MIT. Her main research interest is evidence informed design processes.

Bige Tunçer
Associate Professor & Capstone Programme Director @SUTD

Anna Rose is an architect and urban planner with particular expertise in advising on mixed-use masterplans and public realm projects. Trained in Germany and the UK, she joined Space Syntax in 2002, becoming a partner and board director in 2007.

In addition to her role in the UK, Anna leads the company’s design and consulting activities in the USA and continental Europe. She speaks regularly at industry and academic events worldwide and is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College London. Anna is a member of the UK Academy of Urbanism.

Anna has extensive experience in advising both private and public sector clients on spatially complex masterplanning projects, with a particular focus on the design of effective human behaviour patterns. Her expertise targets the optimisation of spatial connectivity for the benefit of pedestrians, cyclists (walkability, safety and conviviality) and local neighbourhood and retail sustainability (proximity to footfall, density of amenity, transaction potential).

Anna Rose

Chris leads the design work within Arup Digital Studio, a strategic design and user experience team based in London. He is a designer with a background in architecture, urbanism and urban technologies.

He develops design strategies to shape tomorrow’s built environment; from buildings, campuses and districts through to broader urban infrastructure and digitally-enabled services. He works with multidisciplinary means to frame project objectives, discover design opportunities, and develop design concepts that translate aspirations into desirable experiences and tangible solutions.

As a designer, his work ranges from buildings to non-buildings; from spaces to services; from human interactions to innovative technologies. His experience developing digital strategies and design guidelines spans a range of clients and sectors, including property developments, higher education campuses, technology campuses, cultural and innovation districts, and municipalities.

Previous roles include Designer in Residence at the London Design Museum, and Project Lead at MIT Senseable City Lab, developing urban applications for autonomous robotic systems including aerial drones.

Chris Green
Senior Designer @ARUP

Tiffany cares about our cities, communities, and equity. In the past, she was a Fellow at Code for America, launched the user experience practice at Zipcar, designed for innovation clients at Continuum, and wrote for Dwell. With a background in architecture and urban planning, she constantly thinks about how the built environment can be better designed for people and our planet.

She is the cofounder and former CEO at Remix (remix.com), the collaborative software platform for transportation planning for 500+ cities, and backed by Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, and Energy Impact Partners. Remix was acquired by Via in March 2021.

Today, she is the Chief of Staff to Mayor Michelle Wu, the first-ever elected woman, person of color, and Asian American to serve as the Mayor of Boston.

Tiffany Chu
Chief of Staff for Mayor of Boston

Hélène leads the C40’s team and programs that aim to support cities to accelerate sustainable and resilient urban planning policies and design practices.

Her team leads the C40 Land Use Planning network which supports cities to institutionalize climate action through urban planning regulations; the Reinventing Cities competition that delivers decarbonized and resilient urban regeneration projects; as well as the Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods program and C40’s workstream on 15-minute City.

In the past, Hélène was an advisor to the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. She also worked for the Paris Urbanism Agency and the global consulting firm, Arup. Helene has a Master’s degree in Science and Engineering from the Ecole Centrale.

Helene Chartier
Director of Urban Planning and Design @C40 CITIES

Boudewijn Thomas is a computational design specialist and senior project leader at MVRDV. Trained as an architect, Boudewijn has been involved in design projects at MVRDV on various scales and design stages. Within MVRDV NEXT - the office's new experimental technologies group, he develops and implements design technologies and digital workflows within the office. Boudewijn has been integral in groundbreaking designs as MVRDV's Valley in Amsterdam and currently leads the office-wide project to decrease carbon impact in architectural projects with digital technologies at its core

Boudewijn Thomas
MVRDV NEXT Senior Project Leader