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What are some of the Simple Building Design Software You Can Use?

What are some of the Simple Building Design Software You Can Use?

Are you new to building and design and have been wondering, “What is the simplest architecture software to use?”

September 30, 2021

Are you new to building design and have been wondering, “What is the simplest architecture software to use?” Whether you are in college or simply want to get some awesome architectural planning designs using simplified software, here are ten awesome options to consider: 

#1: Cedreo 

Coming at the top of our list of simple building design software options is Cedreo, an app that allows users to design both 3D and 2D floor plans and home décor models. The software is a revered tool for home builders, interior designers, contractors, and décor professionals, for one thing - it is pretty simple to use. It comes with a host of impressive features that allow you to develop endless construction or home projects and directly share with your team. 

With Cedreo building and design software, you can create 3D designs that make clients easily visualize their homes and develop connections with them. Other features of the software include a large selection of textures and materials for interior décor. You can also take advantage of the different furniture selections. 

#2: Digital Blue Foam

If an architect could imagine a software or a tool, that can reduce their initial research work by doing everything, every analysis and concept-generation at one spot, DBF is the answer. This is a web-based tool that helps architects quickly do the initial studies and visualization, so that more time could be spent on designing and thinking. It incorporates sustainability metrics and analyzes many parameters such as daylight autonomy, environmental reports, urban insights, and much more. It is powered by AI and generative design which even lets architects visualize some potential forms based on the parameters input, like GFA and use type of building. It allows collaboration and exporting to other 3D modeling software for further detailing. It thus reduces a significant amount of time and effort for architects, as they are comfortable with the UI and the tool has a very short learning curve.

#3: CoreICAD

You might be conversant with Corel Draw in graphic designs, and now they have crossed over to architecture with their CoreCAD. The software is designed to help building design professionals to easily create 3D and 2D structures with impeccable precision. As a beginner or student, you will find the software a great addition to your collection because it makes it easy to visualize ideas and facilitate better collaboration with a team. 

Beginners love the software too because it is one of the best and allows them to start with 2D designs and then convert them into 3D models. You will also love the helix tools for designing 2D spirals, dimensions, object snaps, and rendering ability. 


If you fancy things the simple classic way, ZWCAD is an excellent software option for building designs. It is a 2D tool for drafting your project, and it makes inserting and working with JPEG, PNG, and BMP image formats easy and fun. It also offers 3D modeling for advanced users. Some of the features that make this software for building design to stand out include Smart Select, QR Code Conversion, and Smart Voice Modules

#5: Floor Planner

For architects who also want to get involved in interior design, one of the top yet simple building and design apps is the floor planner. It works like AutoCAD, another top-rated building design app, but from a different developer, AutoDesk. The software pools together incredible features for both architects and interior designers. Good examples of these features include 3D room designs, multiple flooring ideas, and an interactive environment. Although the software is a paid version, it comes with a free plan for beginners.

#6: HomeDesigners 

The Home Designer software was developed to take simplicity to another level.  The software is an excellent source of design ideas for project sites. So simplified is the tool that beginner architects, professionals and homeowners can comfortably use it to create the designs of choice. With the tool, you can also work with different modeling ideas, including moving around furniture and make the best of 3D modeling.  However, it is a paid plan and you are able to unlock more features by upgrading to advanced plans. 

#7: Planner 5D

For a beginner architect, there is nothing that gets simpler than this software. The building and construction software does not need a lot of technical skills for the user to generate awesome 3D and 2D house designs. The developer went a step ahead and integrated it with catalogs from IKEA, meaning that when you place décor item on the floor plan, it might be possible to order it. You can even commence with snapshots and the software will render them in excellent 3D models.


For beginner architects who want to race ahead and start feeling like top-rated designers, ARCHICAD is probably the best point to start. It is a carefully developed piece of software that allows new designers to start appreciating how to handle building projects in their entirety, from the start to the end. The app is available for most operating systems, from Mac to Windows, and even online. 

#9: SketchUp 

This is another simple building design software that comes packed with impressive features for both starters and pro architects. When working with the app, it gives the feeling of a painter with a brush on his hand and a combination of colors. It provides a clutter-free workspace that allows you to stay focused on the main project and complete it fast. Although this software for building designers is a paid app, there is a free version for starters and personal use. 

#10: CAD Cabin 

This is a complete kit software solution designed to help serve architects of all skill levels. The most notable of its features is the drag-and-drop environment that makes it easy to simply pick items and stack them for a full project. Building design has never been this easy. It also comes with a slew of pre-designed visualizations, and you can use it to create both 3D and 2D visualizations of cross-sections, floors plans, and elevations. 

#11: Bluebeam PDF Revu 

For many beginners, multiple-design projects might be too huge assignments to handle. However, you need not worry anymore because Bluebeam PDF Revu is here to help. The software allows you to convert any document into unique multi-dimensional PDFs, which are ready for markups and annotations by other team members. It also supports 2D and 3D PDFs via plugins. 

#12: SmartDraw

This list of simple building design software cannot be complete without including HomeDraw. The software has been growing in popularity not just because of its rich features, but also because of ease of use. It is an awesome tool for crafting unique interior and exterior designs, complete with visual rendering to provide clients with the perfect perception of the finished projects.

What is the easiest Architecture software to use? The ten building and software apps for beginners in this post will come in handy to help you dive into the niche and start swimming in the right direction. You might also want to add AutoCAD into the list. The lovely thing with most of them is that they come with advanced plans that allow you to access more features and deal with complex architectural designs after building personal skills. 

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