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Unique Ideas for Office Building Design

Unique Ideas for Office Building Design

What does creating an excellent office building design entail? Like other building designs, it is a process that entails reviewing all the associated parameters in the targeted area.

November 1, 2021

What does creating an excellent office building design entail? Like other building designs, it is a process that entails reviewing all the associated parameters, from the client's targets to building regulations in the targeted area. For a new architect or aspiring building designer, the process requires a clear understanding and use of the right tools, especially building design software. Check the DBF platform. In this post, we take a closer look to help you understand how to design an office building. We will also highlight a few of our 100 ideas for office building designs. 

Special Tips to Help You Design Quality Office Buildings

When working on an office design, one of the essential things is good planning. With a carefully planned office, you are sure of optimizing the productivity and well-being of the people who will work there. Therefore, a building designer must be able to imagine the space and make it remarkable. So, let us think this through. 

For most people who work in offices, the bulk of their time in a day is spent there. Therefore, you need to think about their needs and ensure that the office can provide them. For example, the office will require ample air supply, lighting, and passages. These features should not only be ample but intuitive to make the space enjoyable to use. Other tips to factor when designing a new office building include: 

  • The Building Owner’s Preference

This is probably the most important of the factors that you need to factor in when designing an office building. For example, does the owner want to develop an ultra-modern type of office building or a classical one? Remember that even when the client has a specific preference, you have a duty of advising him to ensure the ultimate goal is achieved. 

  • The Neighborhoods

Do you want the building to match with the rest of the neighborhood or stand out? This is another personal choice that the client needs to make, but it is important to consider both pros and cons of each. For example, although a unique building is easy for targeted clients to identify, it might become the odd one out and make the some people shun it. Real estate developers do not want this. Instead, a building that articulately matches with the rest of the neighborhood makes the community embrace it. Those who will use the building, clients, and the authorities will want to be associated with it even more. 

  • The Cost

One fact about building designs is that everything, from the design to construction, narrows down to costs. Therefore, you need to work closely with the client to understand the cost limits. For example, does the developer want a simple one-story office building or a ten-story high-rise? Again, your advice will come in handy to help the client to understand the best model to consider. If the client is unsure of the types of office building to set up, it might be good to start with some field research. 

Unique Ideas for Office Buildings

The tips we have listed above can get you started with designing a good office building. Now, we will highlight some of the top ideas that you can use. They are part of our 100 ideas for office building ideas and you can count on them to make your designs stand out. 

  • Use Color as a Way of Reinforcing Brand 

When used properly, color can be a fantastic method of energizing a building design. However, it is very important to be careful because a lot of colors can result in distractions. One good idea with colors is trying to form a focal point. For example, if you are making the offices of a specific company, consider using color to reinforce the brand. Lighting can also help.

  • Consider Going Green 

This is another common idea that you can use to make your office building design more appealing. As more people indicate the desire to get closer to nature, you can simplify their work by bringing nature close to them. For most people in busy offices where getting a view of greens during office hours is a tall order, greeneries such as plants and trees might be all they need to soothe their minds. 

If you target getting sound absorption, green-themed indoors might help. Leafy green plants can help to absorb sound and improve air quality. Because there are varying themes for eco-friendly designs, it will be good to also think about their meaning. However, it is rare to get it wrong with green buildings. See the demonstration below. 

  • Go for Traditional Layout 

Although there are many modern office layouts that you can pick, some people say that they are noisy and decrease productivity. So, if your client wants to have a more classical or antique outlook, it will be a good idea to deviate and go for the traditional type of office. 

A traditional type of office is the model that comes with a number of comfortable armchairs and some bookshelves, giving it a home-like feeling. This type of office works best for professionals like lawyers and consultants that require more privacy. See the example below. 

  • Offer Opportunities to Meet With the Design

Meeting styles in the modern office has evolved a lot. Today, meetings are used for collaborations and sharing ideas within the same space. When planning an office building, think about the type of meetings that the office occupants will need to hold. If they need regular all-office meetings, think about the space that can fit all organization members. For example, the additional space might be able to hold more seats so that all members are comfortable during meetings. Such a setting can also help the company to save costs because it will not need to book conference rooms. 


If you are looking forward to crafting excellent office buildings, the tips and ideas we have listed in this post are all you need. Remember to be as creative as possible and use the right programs for building construction. Do not just create any office building design; make it outstanding. 

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