Digital Blue Foam Launches Research Partnership with Bern University of Applied Sciences Master Wood Technology Program

Digital Blue Foam Launches Research Partnership with Bern University of Applied Sciences Master Wood Technology Program

Innovative Research Collaboration to Potential of AI-Augmented Design Multi-Storey Timber Structures

June 1, 2022

Singapore/Bern - 1, June, 2022 - Digital Blue Foam (DBF) and Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) today announced a partnership agreement to explore the future of multi-storey timber and hybrid buildings design. 

Under the agreement, DBF and BFH will exchange knowledge, conduct joint projects, and test structural solutions with the Masters of Wood Technology and Joint Master of Architecture students. 

The goals of the collaboration include: 

  1. Creating algorithms to generative site-specific typologies for multi-storey wood buildings
  2. Identifying timber construction use-cases at building, quarter and neighborhood scale
  3. Comparing embodied carbon of different structural solutions for a given building massing  
  4. Facilitating knowledge transfer about wood construction systems through user-friendly online tools

Digital Blue Foam, a Singapore-based design technology firm founded by architects, has created an easy-to-use software for architects and city planners that offers geospatial data on every city, unparalleled user experience, a powerful design engine, and project analytics tools - all in one fully web-based platform. The software is being used by some of the world’s leading AEC companies such as Takenaka Corporation of Japan.

Camiel Weijenberg and Sayjel V. Patel, co-founders of Digital Blue Foam, said: 

“We are delighted to formalize our collaboration with Professor Sigrist, world expert in timber engineering and large timber structures, and the BFH Wood Division. Together, we look forward to developing accessible tools to fast-track the adoption of timber construction as a carbon friendly alternative to concrete and steel.”  

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Wood Division, one of the world leading universities in the area of timber engineering, timber structures and technology. Next to the formation of technicians, engineers for structural and management issues on bachelor and master level, upfront research on relevant topics regarding structural applications, product innovation and digitalization of constructions is performed. In close cooperation with leading companies in the wood industry, universities and research institutions in Switzerland and abroad, the Wood Division aims for a future-oriented wood industry.

Professor for Timber Engineering and Steel Construction, Christophe Sigrist, the university’s lead for the partnership, said: 

“Now more than ever, the wood industry needs highly qualified specialists to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The course on complex timber structures and the course on multi-storey timber and hybrid structures within the Master of Science in Wood technology program links structural issues with digital needs of the future.”

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