70+ Upgrades Across our Entire Platform

70+ Upgrades Across our Entire Platform

Check out the 70+ latest features we have added to Digital Blue Foam. Urban Insights, Solar Radiation Analysis, and more.

Digital Blue Foam 2021 Launch: 70+ Upgrades Across our Entire Platform

Everything you need to know

Data and reports for context-responsive designs 

  1. Detailed 3D Buildings  

More reliable and detailed API 3D contextual models. 

  1. Urban Insights  

Design better and livable neighbourhoods with “15 Minute Cities” analysis.

  1. Environmental Report

Reports to compare and rank different design options based on sustainability

  1. Project homepage 

Instantly share project metrics, visuals, and downloads  with anyone using DBF Data-Center. 

  1. Transportation Isochrome 

Visualize access to destinations within your neighborhoods based on travel times for different modes of transport 

  1. Neighbourhood Score 

Assess, compare, and rank the quality of your neighborhoods based on the presence and proximity of different programs 

  1. Land Use Data 

Visual contextual buildings by land-use. 

  1. Diversity Index

Analyze  the  programmatic diversity of the surrounding  urban context;  , a key component of compact liveable communities

  1. Mobility Score

Evaluate the neighborhoods based on walking, biking, and transit accessibility

  1. Urban Morphology 

Check out the descriptive statistics of the elements that shape your neighborhood

  1.  Monthly Updated API’s 

Walkability Score? Popular places around ? We have it all now,  with more data, you can design better cities

  1. Social Media Heatmaps

Know more about your neighborhood’s qualitative aspects, with the social media data 

  1.  Import 3D Models 

Bring in your own 3D assets and designs to enrich DBF’s already amazing contextual information. 

  1. Satellite Imagery 

Design with high res satellite imagery 

  1.  Import Geolocated SiteBoundary 

Bring in your site boundary as a GEO-JSON & KMZ file. 

  1.  Import from ArcGIS and QGIS Connect to GIS (ArcGIS and QGIS)

Upload city lots, property boundary and land-survey from GIS database with our new geo-json loader. 

  1.  IFC Import 

Experience the BIM connection and get in your IFC models 

  1. Daylight Autonomy Score  

Create a productive, comfortable, energy-efficient daylit space with daylight metrics 

  1. Compare solutions

Rate, Rank, Compare, and share all your saved design options

More playful to inspire creativity 

     20. Smart Selection and Editing

We have our mouse selections that allow you to quickly navigate the 3D environment with ease. 

  1. More building typologies 

A library of interesting typologies to create next level futuristic designs

  1. Create typology 

Feeling creative? Create your own typologies! 

  1. Intelligent 3D Pen 

AI-assisted sketching of 3D shapes and sites.  

  1. Graph-based Editing

Fine tuned control of your site boundary and floor plans. 

  1.  Revamped Generative Algorithm 

Our new Generative Algorithm is, on average, over 100 times faster and 50% more accurate. 

  1.  Urban Prediction System 

Head start your design process with pre-set, intelligent and context driven constraints

  1. Face editing mode  

Direct control over the 3D modelling, to design inspiring and aesthetically pleasing design

  1. Improved Mouse Interaction

Navigate the 3D environment with simplified mouse clicks. 

  1. Boolean block operations  

Place the building blocks & parks according to shadows throughout the year

  1. Volumetric Generation 

Generate typologies with different site constraints and parameters

  1. Expanded pen tool

Now create a wider range of subplot possibilities

  1. Hybrid building typologies  

Try out different combinations of typologies to explore new design opportunities

  1. Procedural texturing 

 Visualize textures for better feedback over the environmental analysis 

  1.  50 new keyboard shortcuts

Make using Digital Blue Foam even more intuitive.  


More practical to create feasible projects   

  1. One-Click Generative Design

We have done the hard work so you can get started quickly! 

  1. Instant Parametric Site Plans  

Draw, measure and edit site boundaries accurately

  1.  Instant Parametric Floor Plans

Draw, measure and edit floor-plans accurately

  1. Block, Building and Plot level modifications 

Edit details at different levels, to make designs more functional 

  1. Real-time Metrics

As you shape your design, project metrics update instantly.  

  1.  Introducing DBF Teams 

It is now easier than ever for project teams and stakeholders to design together in the same place. 

  1.  Instant Shadow study 

Place the building blocks & parks according to shadows throughout the year

  1. Sun path animation 

Animate sun-paths based on the time of year and see how your project affects its context. 

  1. Instant Wind study 

Now get a succinct view of how wind speed and direction for your site location influences your design.

  1. Wind Score 

Request a state of the art CFD wind analysis report directly from our platform through our API connection to Ingrid Cloud. 

  1. Solar Radiation Simulation 

Radiation analysis, to choose the ideal facade for maximum glazing percentage, and plan exterior spaces.  

A simplified on-boarding experience 

      46. Refurbished User Dashboard 

Completely redesigned to better meet the needs of teams, developers and designers

       47. Re-designed User Resource Center  

An easier way to navigate the Resource Centre with comprehensive support for users.

  1. Interactive Tutorials 

A streamlined onboarding explaining the tool to new users. 

  1. Enhanced User Interface 

Our refined and iconic Wheel UI makes  your design process easier and more beautiful. 

  1.  User Community 

Share your knowledge with other people and help build a knowledge repository. 

  1. Live technical support chat 

More than ever faster chat support to solve your in tool issues. 

  1.  Video tutorials 

Covering all aspects of the platform. 

  1. The Hub 

One-click syncing to your favourite software 

  1. More Download Options  

Export your work in any format without any complications -  3D, 2D, geoJSON screenshot, excel - you name it we have it !

  1.  One-click Archicad Sync 

Instant BIM sync, for better basic structural analysis. 

  1.  One-click Revit Sync  

You asked for it, we got it !

  1. One-click Grasshopper Sync Grasshopper sync for all the parametric design enthusiasts

Yes, that's true. Sync all your designs in just one click.

      58. Real-time Collaboration Mode 

Our new DBF XD app provides a real-time  environment for 3D communication, ideation and designing.

Faster, secure, and more reliable 

      59. Session-persistence 

Internet cut out in the middle of your project? No worries, it will still be there when you come back  

  1. Browser Optimizations 

A faster, more  reliable web environment, to design with ease.  

  1.  Frequent updates

Online updates. No need to deal with file versions .

  1.  Secure access anywhere

We have beefed up our encryption, so you can feel safe to design online anytime. 

  1. Multi-platform

We have optimized our building design tool  to work well for any kind of computer environment.  

  1.  24 Hour Technical Support

We are an always-on company

Cost-effective subscriptions that match your needs.

  1.  For Professionals

All new design workflow and a tool to add in your arsenal

  1.  For Enterprises  

No matter what is the size of your firm, we are there for you

  1.  For Students 

Economical, useful and time saving tool for all the students

  1.  For Professors 

Now you have the ability to create DBF-Classrooms

  1.  2 Week Trial

Sign-up and get a 2 week trial

  1.  Multiple payment options

Choose the payment option which is convenient for you.

  1. Payment notifications 

All payment notifications are easier to find now

  1.  Unlimited project-saving and data 

No limit to the number of saved projects, because your creativity has no limits

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