Spatial Analytics

Powerful analytics and multi-source data to future-proof your projects with design-decision intelligence.

Geospatial Data

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Use your data, upload your 2D and 3D contextual information from your site surveys, bring in any GIS spatial information from your Local Government database or proprietary data suppliers and complement it with the available data sources that DBF offers.

Urban Analysis

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Use the power of spatial data analysis to gain insights into your development site. Use isochrones to understand pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, extract key urban metrics on land-use distribution, urban density, building height, and overall neighborhood quality score.

Data Sources

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Enrich your projects with urban data, gain immediate insights into your project’s site, neighborhood quality, walkability and bike score, land-use and service accessibility, satellite and map imagery, 3D urban context, and the like.

15 Minute City

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DBF allows users to measure urban KPIs for their projects using the 15 min city framework as a basis which provides information on accessibility to services, diversity of land use, proximity to key services and Co2 emissions. Aditional KPIs can be developed for custom solutions

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Improved urban mobility and greater services accessibility for all citizens will play a fundamental role in reducing energy use and carbon emissions.
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