Spatial Analytics

Validate your project across scales using multi-source data and DBF’s proprietary KPI’s.


Design Validation and Optimization

Our solution facilitates rigorous design validation and optimization, helping you fine-tune your projects for maximum impact

Comprehensive Project Lifecycle Analytics

Access advanced analytics that span the entire project lifecycle, providing invaluable insights and support at every stage.

Inclusive Stakeholder Engagment

Our platform fosters engagement from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, ensuring that every voice is heard and considered in the decision-making process.

Location-based Analytics

Analyze development sites with precision to identify the ideal parameters that align with your project objectives.

Sayjel Patel, CTO and Cofounder of DBF

Develop vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities and double green and leisure areas to provide a healthy environment to residents and visitors.




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Sustainability First
Camiel Weijenberg

Net zero Doesn’t Mean Anything

Net zero. We hear it everywhere but what does it actually mean? It’s easily described as a mathematical equation for what is probably the world's largest challenge for survival.
Sustainability First
Rutvik Deshpande

Predicting Energy Efficient Building Façades Using a Render Farm

Machine Learning (ML) can be powerful in energy efficiency and carbon-friendly designs. However, there is a need for better building data sets to accelerate the use of ML.

Why Do Building Designers Need AI?

From chat-bots to alpha go, AI is becoming increasingly personalized and accessible in previously unthinkable ways. But why do building designers need artificial intelligence?

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