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The Best 3D Rendering Software for Interior Design

The Best 3D Rendering Software for Interior Design

Discover the Top 3D Rendering Software for Interior Design | Transform Your Vision into Reality with Easyhome Homestyler, SketchUp, Floorplanner, and 3Delight | Create Stunning, Realistic Designs on Windows or iOS

The Best 3D Rendering Software for Interior Design

Are you an architect, building design, or new designing professional looking for the best 3D rendering software for interior design? You have come to the right place because we have all that you need to create the best interior models or plans right on your Windows or ioS platform. Keep reading as we explore the concepts of rendering and interior design. Finally, we will highlight some of the best rendering programs for interior design. Do not just pick any program because we have the best modeling software for interior design.

A Closer Look at Interior Design 

Before looking at the best 3D rendering software for interior design, let’s start by answering the big question, “What is interior design?”

Interior design is the art and science of improving a building's interior with the aim of making it healthier and aesthetically appealing. It is a broad area that requires expertise in a number of areas, including room & floor planning, conceptual development, construction management, and site inspections. It also incorporates the need to understand people's behavior and create real functional spaces with features to suit their needs.

As you can see, interior design is a complex area, and it is vital to ensure you have the right rendering program for better results. This is why you need top-notch  3D rendering software with the latest features and designing tools. It should also be pretty easy for your designers to create the targeted plans.

If you are new to building design or working on a budget, consider the interior design and rendering apps that will allow you to access most features in the free version or cheaper plans. 

What is 3D Rendering?

A 3D render is a three-dimensional image correctly stored in a computer. Therefore, 3D rendering is the process of creating realistic 2D dimensional images of any design work prior to the real work. To correctly depict 3D renders, you need to have the right rendering software. These rendering apps can also allow you to add specific attributes, such as texture, lighting and motion blurs, so that the images are more realistic to clients. The vivid depiction of modeling plans with advanced software for interior design can help your client make the decision to go ahead with the project. 

3D rendering can be broken down into three categories, wireframes, solid, and surface. Each method develops 3D renders in a different way. Apart from rendering, the editing also differs. It is a good idea to stick to one type of rendering when working on a specific project for consistency and better resultss.

  • Wireframe modeling: These are used to create the skeletons of 3D objects. They do not have surfaces.
  • Surface modeling: This is considered a better method of developing 3D renders. The process helps to define both the edges and surfaces of the object. You can also render the objects into panoramas and virtual reality.
  • Solid modeling: When compared with the wireframes and surface, solid rendering is the fastest and most convenient for most interior designers. It starts with creating geometric shapes in 3D before adding or subtracting them to create more complex shapes. Depending on the modeling and rendering program that you are using, it might be possible to introduce 2D shapes and proceed to making 3D shapes.

Five Best 3D Rendering Software for Interior Design


This program was developed in 2007 by a team of architects and engineers who felt that the programs available at that time were too heavy and complex. Therefore, it was created as a lighter, more accessible, and simpler 3D model program. Floorplanner became the first web-based 3D-2D planning tool, and it enjoys a huge following to date. Designers and architects love it because it is affordable and pretty easy to use. Whether you simply want to create simple floor plans or advanced room designs, Floorplanner will never disappoint.

Floorplanner is considered one of the best apps out there because it allows designers to start from scratch or simply import the drawings they have in their computers. Furthermore, it boasts a large library of 3D objects that make creating your designs and rendering pretty easy.

Another feature that makes Floorplanner sparkle is the Magic Layout, which is designed to help decorate rooms with only a few clicks. In just a few steps, you can easily convert an entire 2D floor into a 3D model that includes lighting and camera angles. If you want to import photorealistic shots on a Windows and or iOS device, Floorplanner will also be excellent for that.


This is one of the best 3d rendering software for interior design and it is liked by designing professionals for optimal compatibility with most graphic cards. It is also pretty easy to use. Most users go for it when looking forward to creating hassle-free film effects. It uses RenderMan Shading language, which is pretty easy to understand for most architects and interior designers. Again, it integrates well with most 3D building programs for architects, such as Maya. Indeed, you will find it very easy and intuitive to use if you had worked with other home design apps, such as Revit and SketchUp.

As you would expect, the 3Delight program supports most physical materials and works with most standards, from OpenVDB to Openexr. It also uses multiple rendering algorithms, including REYES and path tracing for optimal flexibility. Despite its advanced features, the program is pretty easy to use. This is why it has become so popular today. You will also love the fact that the program supports most operating systems.


Coming next on our list of the best 3d rendering software for interior design is SketchUp. This program was designed in 2000, and it is really easy and fun to use. It works excellently not just for interior designers but also for civil engineers, architects, and landscapers. The biggest selling point of SketchUp is its intuitive user interface and simplified 3D modeling. If you are a student, new to 3D, or simply want to try something new, SketchUp has a free web-based version for you. However, the paid version will be a better option when targeting more advanced 3D renderings or max output

Because it is a web-based app, SketchUp works well with most platforms, from Windows to Mac operating systems. Again you can import or export multiple graphic files and even view 3D presentations on a smartphone. No matter the type of rendering that you want for interior design, the chances are that it will be possible with SketchUp. 

Easyhome Homestyler

This program was designed in 2009 by Autodesk, a leading designer of top programs for building designs. Other top programs under their hood include 3DS Max, REVIT, and AutoCAD. Like most interior design programs, the Easyhome Homestyler allows you to import current floor plans images from other programs or begin from scratch easily. If you already have some sketches similar to what you want, why start from scratch? Go ahead and use them to design outstanding interior designs with advanced rendering to make the plans look real. 

For those who prefer to start with 2D plans, they are pretty easy to create. Then, you can view them in 3D with only a few clicks. Finally, select fixtures, furniture, and other items from the library and drop them at different points. It is that simple with the Easyhome Homestyler app for interior design.

If you are looking for inspiration, the Easyhome Homestyler will come in handy. It packs millions of users, and you can also add yours and share them on social media. If you want to test or just make simplistic 3D interior design rendering, the program comes with a free version. However, you will unlock a lot of useful features by selecting advanced plans. For example, the “pro plan” comes with 4K rendering, video rendering, and 12K panorama.

To make your interior design stand out, this post has highlighted the best 3d rendering software for interior design to consider. Make sure to go for the type that is compatible with your computer and build your skills using it.

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