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Meet Rutvik Deshpande, Winner of the 2023 CAADRIA Award.

Meet Rutvik Deshpande, Winner of the 2023 CAADRIA Award.

Meet Rutvik Deshpande, the new architectural genius from Asia and one of the youngest winners of the 2023 Computer-Aided Architectural Design (CAADRIA) Award.

March 16, 2023

At only age 22, Rutvik is one the youngest holders of the highly competitive Young CAADRIA Award, which attracts submissions of developmental research from Ph.D., masters, and undergraduate students pursuing architectural studies from across the globe.

This 22-year-old talent who works as an ML Design Engineer at Digital Blue Foam was able to beat more advanced architects with higher levels of education to win this year’s Young CAADRIA Award due to strong mentorship from his bosses at Digital Blue Foam and mentors such as Carlos Moreno of the 15-minute city concept.

The CAADRIA Award (Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia) aims to attract research submissions that contribute to the fields of computational design methods, instruments, and processes to innovate for humans.

This is in line with Digital Blue Foam’s vision of accelerating the transition towards sustainable cities with the use of architectural AI in the early design phase of buildings. It is Digital Blue Foam’s third appearance at the Annual CAADRIA award; in 2021, they conducted a technical workshop at the event on ‘personalized generative design’ aimed at teaching participants how to generate synthetic data for design problems and then use machine learning.

In 2022 DBF presented two papers on synthetic machine learning for real-time architectural daylight prediction and real time urban insights for bottom-up 15-minute city design. On their third appearance at the event this year, Rutvik, inspired by the potential of the 15 minute city technology in bringing into life holistic and liveable cities presented a paper on how architects and designers can leverage Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) technology to support designers come up with novel and feasible concepts to link location-specific requirements with potential design solutions in urban design through the introduction of a novel “design concept generation” tool that utilizes pre-trained language models (PLMs).

This idea won him and DBF the Young CAADRIA award, that’s no mean feat pulled off by arguably one of the world's most innovative young archers.

Rutvik doesn’t only have a good aptitude for architecture, he also swims and plays football, and is a big fan of Manchester United. When he started architecture, he wanted to design football pitches like Old Trafford and Wembley stadium. Eventually, he ended up in design engineering due to the rapid growth of AI technology in architecture.  

Rutvik grew up in Pune, India, the cultural capital town of India. The city has been in development since historical times, and most of the buildings are ancient but still resilient, so he was attracted to the architectural design of the building and what made them paramount.

Rutvik pursued an architectural career because it is easy to improve the environment around you with the proper designing, planning, and collaborative tools. 

The new DBF design-build enterprise software offers excellent opportunities for crafting sustainable buildings by enabling architects and designers to collaborate and share information on the fly, use synthetic data to perform sustainability analysis in seconds, and hot swapping features that give you the power to add or replace components in the systems on the fly. 

We are working with leading AEC organizations to help them unlock their full potential in designing sustainable buildings for their clients with user-centered personalized design software. 

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