Supercomputing Net Zero Structures

Welcome to the world of Supercomputing Net Zero Structures, where innovation meets sustainability. Our cutting-edge approach leverages Generative Structural Design to create efficient and eco-friendly solutions. Experience rapid cost evaluation and embodied carbon assessment like never before. Join us on a journey towards a greener future.

Intelligent and optimized transformation of urban spaces

01/ Franco Piva, Wood Engineer

"We always aim to go for timber but our clients always ask how much will it cost?”
ErgoDomus, Italy

02/ Aoife Weinberg, Chair of Research in Architecture

"To speed up the decarbonization of the building industry, we need tools like DBF to give dynamic and visual feedback on embodied carbon emissions particularly at the early design phase.”
Belfast University

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The time-intensive nature of structural design creates a significant bottleneck; In early design stages, low budgets and sharp deadlines mean engineers will likely stick to tried-and-tested, but environmentally harmful, options like steel and concrete. To speed-up adoption of more sustainable structural materials, like mass timber, early-stage structural design must be re-imagined.

Read the white paper to see how the team at DBF is collaborating with Karamba3D to address this need.

Our journey

Bern University / Applied Sciences

Innovative Research Collaboration to Potential of AI-Augmented Design Multi-Storey Timber Structures

Buildings as a carbon sink

How our buildings can save our planet instead of destroying it.

Buildings as a Carbon Source

Why building the structures where we live, work, and play is harming the planet.

Predict the carbon footprint of building structures

DBF and Karamba3D are teaming up for DigitalFutures 2022.

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Generate and compare structural design options and scenarios with respect to cost, embodied carbon and sequestered carbon.