Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and Installation

‣ Do I need to download anything?
You just need to login; there is no need to install anything. We are fully web-based so you don’t need to worry about software installations or updates. Our interface runs best on Chrome.

‣ How do I register?
Depending on your needs you can register for different plans. Click here to find out more.

‣ What are the performance requirements of my computer?
You can use any reasonable laptop and will be able to create your own design in minutes. The intense and complex calculations are performed on the cloud inside secure servers. Digital Blue Foam is currently optimized for the chrome browser, both on Mac and PC.

‣ I'm a Mac user. Can I use your tool?
Yes, we do not discriminate or delay other platforms. As long as you use Chrome you can use our online service. We are working to optimize Digital Blue Foam for IPad and other tablets to take advantage of stylus and touch screen.

‣ How many projects can I work on?
There is currently no limit on the number of projects you can run. Depending on your account there is a limit on how many projects you can save at a given time.

‣ How much time does Digital Blue Foam save?
A recent survey of our current customers shows savings of at least 1 week for a 2-3 week project duration. This is on a typical feasible study for the majority of customers, more gains can be made in terms of saving time by creating a range of options. Downloading data such as complete excel sheets and IFC files is assisting our customers further to save time and allow them to focus more on the design to create quality.

‣ We love what you guys do! Can we have tailored solutions?
Absolutely! We work with firms to build customized versions of our software to optimize customer relations and project deliverables. We also work on custom data from their past projects or simply on specific typologies and efficiencies.

‣ How do you work in the Enterprise account?
"We typically start an intake interview where both parties learn to scope the pilot project and deliverables. During the pilot project there will be weekly meetings on requirements and progress. During the pilot project we will create a couple of prototypes. We sometimes do a competition with everyone in the organisation to try the tool and come up with a design. A pilot project typically runs for 2-3 months. the last phase we make proposals with our customers for the Enterprise account. We prioritise custom development using Agile methodology to maximize value we deliver to the organizations we work with in a transparent manner.

‣ How long does it take to learn Digital Blue Foam?
During the trial phase the founders presented what is now Digital Blue Foam for over 2 years to a wide range of customers. The founders learned that it's important for the user to be familiar with the tool in 30 minutes. This is something we still adhere to and is one our 5 core principles of our business. (read more here). We have exhaustively tested our software to be as intuitive as possible. We also publish tutorials frequently on new features we developed.

‣ Can I request a new feature?
Absolutely, Digital Blue Foam exists for its customers so we welcome all feedback and ideas. You can drop us a line via the form below and we will get back to you.You can also check our forum, to give feedback and request features. We do our best to respond to all feedback and requests through frequent updates. Sign up for our webinar here.

‣ How do I cancel my subscription?
Please contact us directly if there is anything you are not happy with and we will do our best to address your concerns. If you are still not happy we will give you a full refund, where possible, on a case-by-case basis.


‣ How accurate is the Data?
All our data is Geo-located and relate directly to your site, building or urban district. We overlay a range of different data sets so our customers don’t need to worry about bringing in data such as climate and context. Everything is right at your fingertips.

‣ How does the Generate Function work?
The Generate button takes in large amounts of data.From there it starts to create options on the location you have selected using our tool. We assist you to produce building designs based on your input and create a range of options that you can easily compare using our Compare Overview page.

‣ Why are the targets not met by your tool?
We allow our customers to set a range of goals inside the tool. Sometimes when certain extremes are set, the tool won’t be able to reach the desired result. The user can tweak targets to reach their goals.

‣ Where do you get your data?
All data is retrieved and prepared from a wide variety of data-sets which we present in a 3D environment for our customers. Data sets can vary from country to country as we bring together the best and most suitable for everyone using our service.

‣ How are you using Machine Learning?
We use user-generated and contextual data to train Machine Learning to sharpen our design output.

‣ How does Digital Blue Foam analyze sustainability?
We provide early and instant solar and shading information as well as data on wind and rain. No coding or difficult setup are required. We have automated all this so you can focus on the design and to create value for your clients.

‣ How small can your projects go? Or what size?
Digital Blue Foam is focused on the early design process. We don't discriminate on size and believe equal rights for everyone.From designing a beach hut to a city district, we are making it easy for you so you can focus on the perfect view or making a city more livable and green.

‣ How can I set requirements for Covid-19 planning of interior spaces?
We have developed a Space Planner for Covid-19 tool and we are currently working with clients on specific projects. If you would like to know more, do get in touch at


‣ Can I export to IFC?
Yes. We are providing an option to download files as IFC so you can share them with anyone or directly work from there. We are also working on a live synchronization where you can directly sync between your BIM software and our tool so updates from the website are instantly visible in your BIM software.

‣ Can I import my 3D files?
Yes, soon you can upload 3D geometry, including building models and site information such as terrains and specific infrastructure or underground structures.

‣ Is my project data secure?
All data is encrypted. For our enterprise clients we provide dedicated servers.
All project data is only used for performance-related improvements.

‣ How can I share a project with a customer or a teammate who doesn't have an account?
We get this question a lot and are fiercely working on a -presenter mode-. We are working on AR / VR exports. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

‣ Can I work with a teammate on a Project?
This and the Collaboration mode are high on our to-do list. We will roll them out as soon as they are ready. We strive to announce new features and updates every month. Don't worry! You won’t need to run any updates or install the updated software. We’ll take care of all that so you can continue to use our tool without interruption and focus on creating better and greener cities.

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