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Cities worldwide are struggling to balance the challenges of decarbonization, climate adaptation, shifting demographics, and a shortage of affordable housing -- challenges exacerbated by the global pandemic.

Popularized by Carlos Moreno’s 2020 TED talk, the “15-minute city” is a recent trend in urban planning towards creating vibrant pedestrian districts and provides an inclusive lens for a wide range of stakeholders to engage with these issues. While progressive cities like Paris, Madrid, Milan, Ottawa, and Seattle adopt the“15-minute city” as a planning policy, many hurdles abound to its adoption.

The inaugural 15’ City Design Summit will bring together global leaders from diverse sectors, disciplines, and geographies in a tri-part event series, podcast, and collaborative publication. Ensuring the creation of better cities will only be possible if leaders work together to share and deploy know-how, innovation, and promising approaches to accelerate the transition back to pedestrian-centric urban development.

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