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Thousands of architects, planners and developers trust Digital Blue Foam, the most user-friendly building design tool for early-stage feasibility studies and sustainable design.

Early stage planning
Design faster with smart workflows


Better projects using data-driven models & analysis to understand risks and opportunities.


Speed up the feasibility study process by 75% with the power of generative design.


Design, share files, review proposals, and collaborate in an online 3D environment.

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"We started Digital Blue Foam as architects who want to make a sustainable future accessible to everyone. That's why we are creating a platform to unite designers, software, and data in order to accelerate carbon negative building design, construction, and operation."

Camiel Weijenberg & Sayjel Vijay Patel

Plan and design 3D buildings from scratch - within minutes. It's just like magic! 🧙🏼

Collaborate Online

Design together, online

Architects, developers, and planners use Digital Blue Foam to effortlessly transform their vision into intelligent buildings proposals. Because it's online you can get started right away and never have to worry about software updates again.

Collaborate Online - Design Together, online
World's Data

The world's data at your fingertips

Inform your design process with location-based insights. Digital Blue Foam multi-source contextual data covers just about every location across the globe.

World's data - The world's data at your fingertips

User Achievements

With Digital Blue Foam, you can design projects of all sizes, from a single family bungalow, to an entire urban district.  Find out more by by checking our our user achievements.

Can I import 3D files?

Digital Blue Foam makes importing files easy. Simply drag and drop 3D or 2D geometry including: contextual buildings, terrain, setback volumes, or site boundaries. Once uploaded, files are instantly geo-located.   

Learn How to import 2D and 3D files

Does Digital Blue Foam export to BIM or IFC file formats?

With DBF Hub, you can sync your projects from Digital Blue Foam directly to Archicad, Revit or Rhino as native file formats in less than a second. 

Learn about DBF Hub

How does Digital Blue Foam analyze sustainability?

We provide, precise and up-to-date, wind analysis and solar studies for any given site location and time period. 

Solar studies involve shadow and radiation analysis, and dynamic daylight metrics like Daylight Autonomy (DA) and Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA). You can focus on comparing sustainability of different design options and creating value for your clients, without worrying about any setup requirements.

Where do you get your data?

All Data is retrieved and prepared from a wide variety of data-sets which we present in a 3D environment for our  customers. Data sets can vary from country to country as we bring together the best and most suitable for everyone using our service.
Learn more about our data sources

We love what you guys do! Can we have tailored solutions for our organization?

Absolutely! We work with several large organizations to make customized versions of our software to optimize customer relations and project deliverables. With our clients we also work on custom data from their past projects or simply on specific typologies and efficiencies.

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How much time does Digital Blue Foam save?

A recent survey of our current customers shows savings of at least 1 week on a 2-3 week project duration. This is a typical feasibility study for the majority of customers, more gains can be made in terms of saving time by creating a range of options. Downloading data such as complete excel sheets and IFC files is assisting our customers further to save time and allow them to focus more on the design to create quality.

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The most beneficial option of DBF is dynamic, easy to use, and online base. Also, the most valuable aspect of working with DBF is the team spirit, which strengthens our partnership.

Amir Keshavarz
Chapter Lead, Iran
@IMF, International Metropolitan Fellowship
Site planning

“Digital Blue Foam is the best feasibility study sofwtare.”

Marvin McKinney
Home Seller, USA
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The most beneficial option of DBF is dynamic, easy to use, and online base. Also, the most valuable aspect of working with DBF is the team spirit, which strengthens our partnership.

Amir Keshavarz
Chapter Lead, Iran
@IMF, International Metropolitan Fellowship
Site planning

The interface of Digital Blue Foam is fantastic. It is really user-friendly and super dynamic. The fact that DBF talks directly with Revit, Archicad and Rhino, also makes it time efficient and very powerful when it comes to coordination.

Ricardo Escobedo
BIM Manager, Melbourne

Digital Blue Foam team has done a tremendous job in creating a user-friendly intuitive tool that is quick and approachable.

Luca Giaramidaro
Senior Associate, San Francisco
@Perkins and Will

Digital Blue Foam takes you into the future with these real-time analysis features. DBF is has great potential to make this tool an industry standard.

Anas Ayoub
BIM Design Manager, Dubai

Digital Blue Foam shifts the tasks of the architect from number crunching to finding solutions through design quality.

Hani Asfour
Head of University - Dubai
@Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

Digital Blue Foam's beautiful and intuitive interface clearly sets itself apart from the competition.

Jie Zhang
General Manager, Shanghai
@Pelli Clark Pelli Architects

Digital Blue Foam is sketching with real-time information. It enables a dialogue between man and machine where each brings their natural strength to the design process.

Mirko Daneluzzo
Founder and Chief Design Officer, Italy
@NYXO Visionary Design

Students who are familiar with Digital Blue Foam will have a faster learning curve and will be more prepared for future design technologies.

Bálint Kádár
Associate Professor, Budapest

Digital Blue Foam is the best feasibility software.

Shouichi Senda
Senior Manager, Tokyo
Site planning

Digital Blue Foam is the blue foam cutter of the 21st century. We finally have a tool adapted to our times.

Naomi Hébert
Partner, Netherlands
Building design