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DBF encourages extensive collaboration in project development, streamlining the need for various software platforms.

Real-time Collaboration

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Collaborate and share your projects online in real-time with your team, clients, and consultants in a multiplayer 3-Dimensional collaborative environment to achieve effective communication and exchange information in your projects.

Online Project Management

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Take control of your projects, keep track of your site studies, project proposals, 3D and 2D information, and more in one place online to access the information you need from anywhere on any device.

3D Project-Sharing

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Transform your ideas into smart and versatile 3D models. Fine-tune, adjust, edit, and modify your design geometry in real-time, and get instant data feedback on your model as you make alterations to your design.

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We are a team of scientific, polymaths, designers, and coders, driving the next revolution in complex urban planning and design.

Building the 15-Minute City

Improved urban mobility and greater services accessibility for all citizens will play a fundamental role in reducing energy use and carbon emissions.
Sayjel Vijay Patel

70+ Upgrades Across our Entire Platform

Check out the 70+ latest features we have added to Digital Blue Foam. Urban Insights, Solar Radiation Analysis, and more.
Lakshan Pinto

Awesome Architecture Sketch Ideas for Beginners

Are you an aspiring architect and want to become one of the top names in the industry? Architecture is one of the best disciplines that help you solve real issues in society.

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