We are Digital Blue Foam.

We're clever, we're versatile, we're easy to talk to, and we're doing our part to make
cities vibrant and sustainable for future generations.

Camiel Weijenberg

Founder & CEO

Camiel is a Dutch architect, designer, and scholar of London’s prestigious Architectural Association. He is the founder and director of Custo, an online customised furniture store, and WEIJENBERG, an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio, in Singapore.

Sayjel Vijay Patel

Founder & CTO

Sayjel is a Canadian architect, software developer, and former founding Assistant Professor at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. He is a graduate of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning. Sayjel won the acclaimed Red-Dot Design Award for his research developing conceptual design software for the 3D printing industry.

Tejas Chavan

Chief Computational Architect

Tejas is an architecture graduate from the National University of Singapore, specializing in Sustainable Design and Technology. In his thesis, he proposed strategies and methods to computational generate and develop urban and architectural solutions, which he is further extending and applying at Digital Blue Foam.

Lakshan Pinto

Senior Fullstack Developer

Lakshan holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. He is a Senior Full Stack Developer specialized in modern javascript technologies and cloud computing. Lakshan has many years of experience working with startups to companies developing enterprise software products and services.

Cesar Cheng

Product Designer

Cesar is an architect and urban designer specialized in urban data analysis. He is a graduate from the EmTech program at the Architectural Association. His work focuses on the digital transformation of the AEC industries with particular interest in computational design, AI, data collection, and visualization for applications in digital solutions for the built environment.

Rutvik Deshpande

Research Intern

Rutvik is a student of architecture in India. He has interests in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence for the AEC industry. He is also a tech blogger on Medium. He is currently a research intern at Digital Blue Foam.

Our Mission

We started Digital Blue Foam with the goal of doing our part as architects to make a more sustainable future accessible to everyone. That's why we have created a platform that unites designers, software, and data to make the building design process more efficient and intelligent.


We are a team of polymaths. We are practical, brave, direct, agile, and ethical.
If you believe in our mission and think you can make an impact, join us.