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We're clever, we're versatile, we're easy to talk to, and we're doing our part to make
cities vibrant and sustainable for future generations.

Camiel Weijenberg

Founder & CEO

Camiel is a Dutch architect, designer, and scholar of London’s prestigious Architectural Association. He is the founder and director of Custo, an online customised furniture store, and WEIJENBERG, an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio, in Singapore.

Sayjel Vijay Patel

Founder & CTO

Sayjel is a Canadian architect, coder, and former founding Assistant Professor at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. He is a graduate of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning. Sayjel won the prestigious Red-Dot Design Award for a texture-based 3D design software he developed for the 3D printing industry.

Tejas Chavan

CCA #1

Tejas is an architecture graduate from the National University of Singapore, specializing in Sustainable Design and Technology. In his thesis, he proposed strategies and methods to computational generate and develop urban and architectural solutions, which he is further extending and applying at Digital Blue Foam.

Lakshan Pinto

Senior Software Engineer

Lakshan holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. He is a Senior Full Stack Developer specialized in modern javascript technologies and cloud computing. Lakshan has many years of experience working with startups to companies developing enterprise software products and services.

Rutvik Deshpande

Associate Data Engineer

Rutvik is an Associate Data Engineer at Digital Blue Foam. He aims to use AI in Architecture, with his work focusing on data-driven design workflows in both urban and architectural scales. He also has interests in the use of data science, machine learning, and computational design in the built environment.

Cesar Cheng

Product Developer

Cesar is an architect and urban designer specialized in urban data analysis. He is a graduate from the EmTech program at the Architectural Association. His work focuses on the digital transformation of the AEC industries with particular interest in computational design, AI, data collection, and visualization for applications in digital solutions for the built environment.

Arefin Mohiuddin

UX Researcher

Arefin is a User Experience Researcher at Digital Blue Foam and focuses on identifying AI driven product features that benefit designers, as well as provide a smooth experience. He is nearing completion of his PhD in Human-Computer Interaction with a focus on Interactive Data Visualization and Computational Design at Simon Fraser University.

Julie Delcourt

Growth Manager

Julie is a French growth manager passionate about marketing, web marketing, branding and business development of new technologies. Julie has a user-centric mindset and believes that the best development ideas come from our customers. Julie has many years of experience in developing successful businesses. She now takes care of Digital Blue Foam's customer needs as a growth manager.

Huey Low

Design Computation Intern

Huey is a Design Computation Intern specializing in VR / AR / XR technologies. Previously she was Project Architect in Southeast Asia. She is graduate of the Bartlett B-Pro program at the University College London (UCL), where she explored agent-based design systems.

Scientific Advisory Board

World class experts on carbon-negative design technology and construction.

Christophe Sigrist

Bern University of Applied Sciences

Christophe Sigrist is a professor of Timber Design and Steel Design at the Burne University of Applied Sciences, a member of numerous code technical committees in Europe and a Director of ongoing research work, undergraduate and post graduate projects on cutting edge timber design.

Sawako Kaijima

Harvard GSD

Sawako Kaijima is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the GSD and the Shutzer Assistant Professor at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute. Her work investigates the integration of architectural, structural, and environmental knowledge to create unique, efficient, and previously unattainable designs.  Her work has been widely published, exhibited, and won multiple design awards.

Jimi Hendrix

The Experience

Bio Coming Soon

Distinguished Collaborators

World class experts on carbon-negative design technology and construction.

Kam-Ming Mark Tam

ETH Zurich

Mark is a PhD candidate at the Block Research Group at ETH Zürich, and a holds a Master of Engineering from MIT. As a researcher, engineer, and architect, his work develops new ML-driven methods which unite architectural form, design computation, structural design and digital manufacturing.

Robert Plant

Led Zepplin

Bio Coming Soon

Amy Winehouse

The Experience

Bio Coming Soon

Amy Winehouse

The Experience

Bio Coming Soon

Amy Winehouse

The Experience

Bio Coming Soon

Amy Winehouse

The Experience

Bio Coming Soon


We are a team of polymaths. We are practical, brave, direct, agile, and ethical.
If you believe in our mission and think you can make an impact, join us.

Our Mission

We started Digital Blue Foam as as architects who want to make a sustainable future accessible to everyone. That's why we are creating a platform to unite designers, software, and data in order to accelerate carbon-negative building design, construction, and operation.

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