What are some examples of generative design?

Generative design is being highly used in many fields of design. Especially in product design and now even in the AEC industry. It quickly analyses the requirements and constraints and gives us several different options to choose from. There are many examples to be listed. Architect Zaha Hadid revolutionized generative design by actually bringing great designs into form. One of the most outstanding examples is Haider Aliyev Center. Daiwa House Industry’s Urban Housing by Daiwa house industry in Japan uses generative design to create great living spaces in the very compact area provided. Autodesk buildings in Toronto are also included in the most excellent examples of generative design in architecture. Works of Alessandro Zomparelli and Layth Mahdi are just two of the most creative generative designers. They create products, vases, and even fashion using intriguing technology.

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