How to design a building?

Designing a building is not a single flow of processes or stages. A building design module moves back and forth multiple times in its making so that no design aspect is left out. It all starts from studying the design brief or client requirements. Next is choosing a site or getting a site to analyze its physical and contextual features. More studies include literature studies on the building typology and sometimes even case studies. Research is an essential task as it includes studying all the critical requirements like historical study, green measures for sustainability, climate- responsiveness, feasibility and economic responsibility. After combining these studies, a concept is ideated to reflect a particular philosophy, ideal, or maybe just function. A planned design needs to come up which would respond to all these needs. The necessary structural analysis and services are paid attention to. Construction techniques and details are worked upon. The drawings and design have to be approved by authorities, after which a building design is ready for construction.

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