How do you create a sustainable building?

To create a sustainable building, we need to check that the building leaves a minuscule carbon footprint. The AEC industry is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions in the world. So, to create a sustainable building, we need to make sure of some basic parameters. First of all, the construction material should be eco-friendly and robust. The waste generated from the building should be treated concerning the environment. As designers, there are many factors in designing that can affect the sustainability of a building, which can be creatively handled. Orientation of buildings and the fenestrations as per the sun-path and increasing natural daylight reduce artificial sources. Also, alternate energy sources like solar energy can be tapped for saving more on energy. The right amount of planned ventilation can help maintain thermal comfort and indoor air quality. Using some particular building techniques can help the labor and building process by being reusable and easy to use.

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