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Our Story

As fellow colleagues teaching at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in 2016, Camiel and Sayjel noticed a shift in the way buildings and cities were being designed and constructed the developing world. Architects were under tremendous pressure to deliver more projects in less time. At the same time, only a small group of firms were taking advantage of the benefits of digital working methods.

Hence, the company was born: Digital Blue Foam. It was founded on “fast, informed, designed”, the notion that architects need to move past intuition and leverage science and method to drive the best project outcomes.

Today Digital Blue Foam is part of a growing movement seeking to digitize the architecture engineering and construction industry to drive greater sustainable, higher design quality, and livability.

As an industry, we need to collectively leverage all innovations to rethink what we are doing at all stages of the building process.
Camiel Weijenberg
CEO and Founder of Digital Blue Foam

Our Mission

We started Digital Blue Foam as as architects who want to make a sustainable future accessible to everyone. That's why we are creating a platform to unite designers, software, and data in order to accelerate carbon-negative building design, construction, and operation.

We target the initial design stage because early decisions have a huge impact on the cost, sustainability, and livability of a project.
Sayjel Vijay Patel
CTO and Founder of Digital Blue Foam

Our Platform

At Digital Blue Foam, we have developed AI-powered solutions to steer a desperately needed revolution in the building industry towards carbon-negative projects. Presently, designers use inefficient tools that do not take full advantage of the troves of data, and limitless computing power available online to drive sustainable output. 

 To address this, we at Digital Blue Foam use augmented  intelligence — the sensitivity of designer intuition, multiplied by the brute force of machine intelligence — to step up the productivity of design workflows. Ultimately, our hope is to redesign the way architects and planners imagine spaces for current and future generations to live, work, and play.

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