Our Green Statement

Digital Blue Foam strives to accelerate the world’s transition to humane and sustainably built cities. As green designers with a strong sense of responsibility and who are empowered by rich data, our team drives the change and are leading the revolution in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

Presently, the AEC industry is among one of the least digitized industries. With rising temperatures around the world and the mass migration of people to urban centers, there is a need for digital disruption for the new buildings and cities that will be constructed. 

To address this need, we  have created a game-changing web-based platform that can reduce time for design study for urban planning and smaller multi-building projects. Together with our project stake-holder, we can reduce the negative environmental and social impacts and build for the now and the future. 

To be sustainable, buildings and cities must reduce their dependence on fossil fuels in all aspects of design: materials, construction processes, and operations. This is why we embarked on several years of academic research before establishing Digital Blue Foam. We studied and reinterpreted vernacular passive designs and have unleashed our technology to truly minimize energy use and waste.

From this research, our team has developed 5 core principles which are embedded in our technology:

  1. Passive : Orient to wind, sun, and land 

  2. Economic : Recognize true costs of land, materials and energy

  3. Hedonistic : Create win-win situations for humans and nature 

  4. Comfortable : Use light, ventilation, and landscape to maximize livability of interior spaces 

  5. Inclusive : We encourage and promote inclusion and diversity  

By applying these principles, Digital Blue Foam takes the leap into a new paradigm in architecture and generative design for a greener future.