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Inform your design process with location-based insights. Digital Blue Foam multi-source contextual data covers just about every location across the globe.

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How accurate is the Data?

All our data is geolocated and relates directly to your site and building or urban district. We overlay a range of  different data sets so our customers don’t need to worry about bringing in data such as climate and context, everything is available right at your fingertips. We also highlight the source of our data in the asset manager. If you wish to work with your own datasets, drag and drop them into the tool easily.

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Why are the targets not met by your tool?

Digital Blue Foam’s proprietary generative AI was created to be extremely fast and precise.  However, it is still possible to input targets that conflict and are impossible to match. For example, you could enter a low maximum height, and extremely high total floor area. But, this is no problem. Our user-interface gently alerts you when there is a conflict.  

However,  there are situations where you might ask the system for conflicting objectives. For example, you could input a very high number for built area and at the same time input a maximum height limitation of 3 or 4 stories. In this case one of the targets will not be met as they stand in conflict with each other. The system will provide a trade of solution and let you know with a gentle alert that your objectives are conflicting

Where do you get your data?

All Data is retrieved and prepared from a wide variety of data-sets which we present in a 3D environment for our  customers. Data sets can vary from country to country as we bring together the best and most suitable for everyone using our service.
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What does a site analysis include?

Whenever building design or urban design processes start, a site is to be selected, or it is appointed. A site analysis is a part of the architectural process that includes a study about the site where the building is to be made. Site analysis should include the climatic, geographical, historical, social, legal, and infrastructural context of a given site. There are many ways to represent site analysis. The climatic analysis includes the study of climatic data of a particular region where the site is based. For that, charts are included, for example, sun path, and wind rose. Geographical analysis can include soil type examination and water table. Social and historical analysis, along with context analysis, can give an idea of orientation and typology. Also, legal aspects and by-laws are reviewed under site analysis. It is done in 3 stages- research, analysis, and finally synthesis.

Our Mission

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"Climate change and sustainable design is continuing to be a growing concern for communities around the world and smarter ways of creating easily accessible sustainable design tools is the need of today. This is a huge step towards ensuring those planning cities and towns for tomorrow, are guided with the right information and design guidelines."

Camiel Weijenberg
Founder and Director