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Architects, developers, and planners collaborate online with Digital Blue Foam to effortlessly transform their vision into intelligent buildings proposals.

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From resources to tutorials to guides, learn how to best use Digital Blue Foam to gain your competitive design advantage. Create spectacular 3D building models within minutes.

Can I work with a teammate on a Project?

Yes, you can create team projects and share with your team-mates.

Do I need to download anything?

Digital Blue Foam is web-based. This means you do not need to fuss about installations or updates to get started. Our interface runs best on Chrome.

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How is  my project data secured?

Yes. We use the latest encryptions and secure servers and databases. For our enterprise clients, we provide dedicated encrypted servers and databases.

What are the performance requirements of my computer?

You can use any reasonable laptop and will be able to create your own design in minutes. Digital Blue Foam is currently optimized for the chrome browser. For large scale urban projects, we recommend using a desktop computer.

I'm a Mac user. Can I use your tool?

Yes we do not discriminate or delay other platforms. As long as you use Chrome you can use our online service. We are working to optimize Digital Blue Foam for IPad and other tablet devices to take advantage of the stylus and touch screen.

How long does it take to learn Digital Blue Foam?

By designing the best user experience, you can get started with Digital Blue Foam in minutes. To learn about our advanced features, we have created a fully-loaded resource center, and video tutorials.

How can I share a project with a customer or a teammate that doesn't have an account?

You can share the compare page URL. You can also work together in our virtual collaborative environment called DBF-XD.

Our Mission

Accelerate the World’s
Transition to Better Cities

"Climate change and sustainable design is continuing to be a growing concern for communities around the world and smarter ways of creating easily accessible sustainable design tools is the need of today. This is a huge step towards ensuring those planning cities and towns for tomorrow, are guided with the right information and design guidelines."

Camiel Weijenberg
Founder and Director