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Digital Foam offers geospatial data on every city, unparalleled user experience, a powerful design engine, and project analytics tools - all in one fully web-based solution. These features are powerful alone, but even better when used together.  
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Our easy-to-use online tool is just the beginning! We have created simple connections to other software platforms such as ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, Excel, and many more that are being developed.
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Digital Blue Foam is sketching with real-time information. It enables a dialog between designer and machine —where each brings their natural strength into the process.
Mirko Daneluzzo
Founder and Chief Design Officer
NYXO Visionary Design
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We know architects like to sketch. So we've built a Pen Tool for you to adjust and design building blocks. We assist you further by automatically updating all data related to the building.
Digital Blue Foam shifts the task of the architect from number-crunching to finding solutions through design quality.
Hani Asfour
Founder of Polypod & Dean DIDI
Ranked as one of the most influential architects in Middle East

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