Augmented Intelligence

Combine the sensitivity of designer intuition and the brute force of machine intelligence

The concept of augmented intelligence combines the best of both machine and human intelligence

By developing feedback loops in which human users and computers interact, learn, and work together, it is possible to create a system with new abilities which extend the ability of a designer.

At Digital Blue Foam we have created the world's first augmented intelligence design tool for  building design.

Augmented intelligence is already embedded within many well-known products. It is particularly evident in word-processing applications: MS Word’s spell-checker, the Hemmingway Editor, and Grammarly (an online grammar checker) are a few everyday examples of augmented intelligence. The ‘design ideas’ feature in Powerpoint, which uses augmented intelligence to help non-designers improve their layouts, is another example.

Conceptual model of augmented intelligence

Platform diagram

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