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End-to-end digital platform for
the second largest constructor in Japan

Takenaka corporation


The challenges

Difficult to navigate Japan's codes and regulations.

Already has an existing internal system which spans across multiple softwares. Requires ap roduct that does not clash with the system, and instead adds value to it.

Current design process is very manual and slow.


Abstraction and digitization of local regulations to inform the generative design process.

End-to-end integration with Takenaka's existing internal system.

Custom typologies as per request to cater to the specific design process and needs

Customer Benefits

Data-driven discovery of opportunities gives exclusive edge over competitors

Faster design generation allows Takenaka to bid for more projects

Collaboration between separate teams become easier with DBF's integrated platform

Digital Blue Foam is the best feasibility software.”

Shouichi Senda, Senior Manager, Takenaka Corporation
2nd largest design and construction company in Japan 14,000 employees

Interactive B2C digital platform
for prefab housing in Korea

GG- Space factory


The challenges

Communication gap between end user and design team.

Difficulty in gathering insight on homebuyer requirements to develop suited products on demand.

Slow sales cycle and response time to the high volume of customer inquiries.

Slow delivery time reduces customer satisfaction due to lack of automation.


Design platform for customers of GG House to design their own house

Platform catalogues GG House's collection of materials and design elements making the design output directly usable for construction.

Integration to BIM software’s.

Customer Benefits

Five times faster project delivery. A project that used to take three months can now be done in three weeks.

Time-solving benefit translates to profit for the company.

Improves customer’s experience. The design platform becomes a selling point to attract customers.

This platform (DBF) enables customers to explore and customize house designs with a friendly online design tool.”

Steve Lee, Dircetor of Operation and Management. Space Factory
Korean company that specializes on the delivery of customised prefabricated homes

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