Our clients


Empower your teams for better and faster projects.

Their pain points

Having explained your requirements to the architecture team but you couldn’t give them much information yourself?

The architecture team designs are beautiful but its just not following the guidelines you set for the projects. Or do you just want something quick so you have something for your brochure. Are you limited by the output from the architect and you need to test many design iterations quickly?

Our solutions

Why not create a base design or information package and share this with your architect so you can provide a lot more information on what you would like to create on the site. This way you and the architecture team can save time. Allowing you to test many options and compare

them side by side.

We started Digital Blue Foam as architects who want to make a sustainable future accessible to everyone. That's why we are creating a platform to unite designers, software, and data in order to accelerate carbon-negative building design, construction, and operation.

Social Proof

Join our community, you will be in good company.

Digital Blue Foam shifts the tasks of the architect from number crunching to finding solutions through design quality.

Hani Asfour
Dean - Design and Innovation
Dubai Institute

Digital Blue Foam's beautiful and intuitive interface clearly sets itself apart from the competition.

Jie Zhang
General Manager, Shanghai
Pelli Clark Pelli Architects

Digital Blue Foam is sketching with real-time information. It enables a dialogue between man and machine where each brings their natural strength to the design process.

Mirko Daneluzzo
Founder and Chief Design Officer, Italy
NYXO Visionary Design

Frequently asked questions

We are listening our users to success.

Can I request a new feature?

Absolutely, Digital Blue Foam exists for its customers so we welcome all feedback and ideas. You can drop us a line via the form below and we will get back to you.You can also check our forum, to give feedback and request features. We do our best to respond to all feedback and requests through frequent updates. Sign up for our webinar here.

Can I work with a teammate on a Project?

This and the Collaboration mode are high on our to-do list. We will roll them out as soon as they are ready. We strive to announce new features and updates every month. Don't worry! You won’t need to run any updates or install the updated software. We’ll take care of all that so you can continue to use our tool without interruption and focus on creating better and greener cities.

Do I need to download anything?

‍You just need to login; there is no need to install anything. We are fully web-based so you don’t need to worry about software installations or updates. Our interface runs best on Chrome.

How accurate is the Data?

All our data is Geo-located and relate directly to your site, building or urban district. We overlay a range of different data sets so our customers don’t need to worry about bringing in data such as climate and context. Everything is right at your fingertips.