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Students who are familiar with Digital Blue Foam will have a faster learning curve and will be more prepared for future design technologies.
Balint Kadar
Associate Professor
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What's Included

Get 100+ features with Digital Blue Foam to help you with your project design process.
3D Editing
  • 3D transformation
  • Edit block attributes
  • Merge & split blocks
  • Change block type
Design Engine
  • Basic typologies
  • Alphabet typologies
  • Define goals
  • Set geometric constrains
Geospatial Data
  • Open streetmaps
  • Terrain and satellite imagery
  • Social media check-ins
  • Historical wind charts
Environmental Heuristics
  • Heuristic radiation analysis
  • Windrose visualization
  • Historical weather
  • Solar studies
Digital Pen
  • Draw site axis
  • Draw public space
  • Measurement
  • Free-hand mode
Unlimited Downloads
  • 2D tormats
  • 3D  geometry
  • Spreadsheets
  • Schematic render
Urban Analysis
  • Social media heatmap
  • Visualize places data
  • Visualize contextual program
  • Walkability studies
  • Getting started
  • Basic features
  • Advanced workflow
  • Workflow integration
Design comparison
  • Compare 5 options
  • Key metrics
  • 3D axonometric view
  • Download report

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